Honey Circuit

by Honey Circuit

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Debut Album by Boston based artists Kara Trott and Eric Freeman.


released June 1, 2011

Music written and produced by Eric Freeman. Vocals Kara Trott. Photography by Eric Freeman. Design by Steve Hoey



all rights reserved


Honey Circuit Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: broken rivers
Hey Love close in on me
shed my skin
through holding me
hey you
are me
running perceptions of your own reality
softly feathered sing of all forgotten
hear the voices grasp at what we taught them
is there hope to try or believe?
Track Name: never still
Waking sleep
of all of me
I held it all
whirlwinds, hit the coast of reason
and doubt she coats her skin with oil
fractured passions wanting measure
borders stretch out too far
liquid beings moving faster
forever changing never still

breathing heavy newfound blossom
pickled fancy nettle stings
another fallout we circle round you
minutes freeze for the king
trees still walk to distant mountains
forever moving never still
Track Name: honey
Breathless, Honey
I wait,
the mind it drifts, to awaken it
I need you here
to awaken it
Honey I want more
Honey I want it all

I am the muse of defining skin
I wait to draw silk from the lamb
I tempt to soothe, your tired limbs
but you still lay
with a hollow maid
I am here to break the skin
Honey you break the score
I want more

So be what you should to me
Track Name: focus horizon
you focus,
the gaze of
a million men
the language
of falling
the rising,
has swollen in

hey hey You talk of the wind and then you can forgive him
hey hey you talk of his sin and then you can believe him
hey hey you give of your hand and then you will appease him
hey hey give up your deceit and then you will be living

Running, your reasons
not given the truth it needs
vision-blindness beginning a timeless end
Track Name: clear away
Seeking, the measuring

We are giving up
We are taking all of it for ourselves
We are discovering
there was never anything else

and I can't find the door
But I can clear away
I can't find the door
but I can clear away
and she wore her skin
like a waterfall
and her memories mean nothing at all
Track Name: where you lay
Long awaited
conditions fated
not much to say love
I watch, Where you lay

Memories pour in
movement of flesh (memories flow in)

I watch where you Lay
I watch where you lay
Track Name: wait
Here with me
Who are you
from all you've been

I breathe in my lover
deepening another
I see

Ill wait for you

I can count the feet that fall
how our fears create the walls
(dreamt seashores, cells exhale, deepest root, is drained pale)

In visions
I felt her
I lived through another
dreamt seashores
cells exhale
deepest root
is drained pale

Ill wait for you
Track Name: last tree gone
resting, in the sweet
trans-light parencies
I see the light
I can wait til sundown begins again

last tree gone no longer hear from
last tree gone no longer hear from
last train gone no longer fear from
last train no longer fear from

*the ground moved down in the swirling water...
can't move backwards, all the more you row.
and the falling bridge uttered "what's the matter"
and she said..
"as I sew the earth with blood I wash the earth with blue I won't go through it all again with you"

leaves (feed) the trees
I won't walk the earth with thee
kneels under the trees
I won't walk the earth with thee